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March 13, 2004, 13:10: Adelaide, Australia - YHA Hostel
At the point where my Ghan journal had ended, my battery ran out, and I was cut short. After this happened, I went back, finished reading Stupid White Men, then tried to settle in for some sleep. I thought this was easier than it really was. Mind you, this was about 10 times easier than sleeping on the plane but its still not easy. I managed to get a few hours off and on sleep. At 7am, they turned on the lights, and started playing the recording of the Ghan theme song, which I was starting to know all too well. Expeeerience the legend of the Ghan - arrgh! This was quite a long trip from Alice to Adelaide - turned out to be roughly 20 hours. We were delayed by a cow in the middle of the night - it was apparently quite sick of seeing the train driving through the outback, and decided to stand on the train tracks and attempted to stop the train with its body. The train won.

On arrival in Adelaide, I went straight to the YHA, and I managed to get the last spot available - a spot in a mixed dorm room. I got in, and managed to secure a ground bunk bed.

After about 3 trips to the local Dick Smith's Electronics Shop, I managed to get some fuses that last about 10 seconds before blowing. Awesome. Yesterday, I met Trent, and we spent the day out in downtown Adelaide, mostly in Rundle Mall. Rundle is huge. I can't get over how many shops there are. The closest thing I could equate it to is a giant sparks street, with a few Rideau centers on either side of the street. On my first trip there, I saw multiple street performers that had come down for the fringe festival - just so happened to be on the weekend where I'm here, pretty cool stuff. I saw a girl fit herself into a 15" cube, a very cool musical group that consisted of a guy playing multiple didgeridoos, and a drummer. I can't get over how awesome it was to sit there and watch this guy wail on the Didj. It was so impressive I bought their cd.

I met up with Trent and his friend Coedy, and we walked around aimlessly for a bit. Went into a JB Hi-Fi store, and picked up the David Gray cd that had been in my head for $13. Not bad. After a bit more aimless walking around, Coedy went to work, and Trent and I headed off to the Central Market to get some food. This place is crazy. There are apparently over 250 produce shops and restaurants in this area - this place is massive. The restaurants appeared to be primarily Asian, and I settled on a make your own take away container place, which was pretty decent. We walked back to Rundle, got a quick photo, and I took off to get some much needed sleep.

There is something to be said for a single room when you need to sleep, something I was acutely aware of when people had set their alarms for 6 in the morning so they could make a day trip somewhere. I made a last trip to Rundle today, and managed to get some fuses that don't die as soon as I turn my laptop on. I hope this will have no ill effects to the voltage converter, and I hope I'm not jinxing myself for thinking about that!

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